Being able to determine a tournament to play will require you to learn a couple of things about yourself and the types of the tournament you wish to take part. There are actually three basic types of online poker players.

The specifics of poker game don’t really matter.

Most probably, you would fall in any of the three categories below.


This is basically those who are playing poker for fun. Amateur players don’t mean that you’re bad or lose a lot. It’s just that, you are more of a casual player. Such players aren’t worried about bankroll management or tournament bankroll. Rather, they’re after low fixed buy-ins, excited to play and willing to take risks on getting handsome cash prizes.

Cash Game Expert

Those who are already able to bag home large sum of money are under this category. This poker player may be seen participating in tournaments occasionally. Such players are playing tourneys if it opens up an opportunity to get a big cash prize.

Tournament Junkie

These are culmination of both professionals and amateur players. But they have a common denominator, it’s to compete in poker tournaments either online or in land-based casinos. They have a separate bankroll for tournaments from regular cash game bankroll.