Ramon Encinas

Running a sports team may seem to be fun and games for some people. But it’s the contrary, especially if you look behind the scenes of what is happening from the outside. And there are more things that a sports manager does than running the team. Some of the responsibilities vested upon their shoulders include but not limited to the following:

HR Responsibilities

At a professional level, it’s the manager has a say as well on which athletes will stay and which has to go.

The manager is working with the rest of the staff members in drawing up contracts for every athlete and negotiating with them to come up with an agreement.

In fact, their decision can directly impact the decision of bettors who are rooting for their team whether to beat on their end or against them.

Management Duties

Another responsibility of a sports manager is to manage the team in general. They are working closely with the trainers as well as coaches to ensure that every athlete receives training and all other resources needed to be at their peak condition and performance.

Promotion and Marketing

More often than not, sports manager represents the team as a whole and act as their spokesperson. They are the one conducting interviews, press conferences and making announcements with media.