Salvador Artigas

The job of sports betting manager is under a broader category of Gaming Managers actually.

Basically, it is them who are planning, directing or coordinating gaming operations in a game house, formulate rules and whatnot.

Delegating Tasks from a Single Person

But of course, it isn’t the only thing that they do. There’s more and the rest are bulleted.

  • Providing resolutions on complaints about problems similar to payout errors
  • Explaining and interpreting house rules similar to betting limits or game rules
  • Training new workers or evaluating overall performance
  • Preparing station arrangements and work schedules and monitoring attendance records
  • Removing or banning suspected cheaters like card counters or similar players
  • Maintaining familiarity with games in the floor and other tricks or strategies applied in those games
  • Supervising gaming tables to ensure that all operations are properly conducted
  • Keeping track of staffs to ensure that tables and games are manned properly for every shift, arranging breaks and staff rotations and finding substitute employees
  • Interviewing and hiring workers
  • Setting and maintaining bank as well as table limit for every game

Long story short, a sports betting manager is one of the primary weapons of a casino to ensure that the business and its patrons are getting the service they expected.